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Thread: Unexplained depression

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    Something really bad happened to me today.

    For a period of 3 hours i got REALLY depressed, but i dont know why. Like... i wanted to kill someone, i wanted the world to end, i wanted to die and commit suicide, didnt care about anything the world is meaningless blah blah blah, no food tasted anything etc. Im finding it weird cause ive been depressed many times but i always had a reason for it. After the "Episode" was over everything was ok again, and when i looked back at it i couldnt wrap my head around WHY i felt so horribly depressed.

    It was almost as if it was something physical. Like when you are down after partying and having drinked alot of alcohol sort off just 10 times worse. The thing is when you are down after partying ( i dont really party often even) you know that it is the alchohol that is causing you to be down/depressed and therefore i can block out the depression since i know its just chemicals causing it.

    Anyone know what it could be or suffered an episode of unexplainable despair like this?

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    Sounds like there is something wonky going on (that's the technical term; sorry for the jargon) with your serotonin / dopamine levels. Probably worth getting checked if it persists even temporarily.

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