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Thread: Someone Debunk This Please!

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    I mean this can't be real, right??

    New to the forum, thanks to anyone who can answer.


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    There's no science here to debunk. Bad reporting; plenty. But the science is ok (probably - the link to the actual research takes you to Alberta Uni website and i can't be bothered to look for it).

    However, there is an element of truth in the article. For instance, prostate cancer can be treated with oestrogen (androgen deprivation therapy - basically chemical castration). This has been shown in early research (phase 1 and 2) to at least as effective as the current gold standard treatment (LHRH). However, LHRH - already the 4th bigesst selling drug in the USA - has significant cardio-toxicity which is currently controlled by prescribing various cardiac medication. Oestrogen, not without its own toxicities (osteoporosis is the biggest one), costs a fraction and has less co-morbidities. But Pharma won't put any money into the research, no surprise. The bill is left to charities (cancer research UK for this one), but things are much slower and harder, and frequently undermined by Pharma.

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