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    so i hope someone can help. i have a problem with my left ear. I've had this problem since i was about 13years old and have never mentioned it. but I'm 23 now and its kinda annoying. its a buzzing sound that buzzes in unison with loud sounds and pitches of music(beat of the bass or rhythm), tv, people talking etc...

    i googled it and found tinnitus, but the symptoms were not exact just similar so i think its not that but idk. unlike tinnitus the buzzing/ringing is not with my heartbeat, and its not all the time. i read when people have tinnitus they know it when their alone in a quite place cause they can hear it. but my ear only buzzes when a sound is made. for instance when im listening to music with my head phones, my left ear gets so loud from buzzing i have to take out my ear bud for a bit and the buzzing goes in an uneven sounding swirl.

    im not sure how to articulate how the sound dissipates/goes away, but i think its important.

    like this lol, __________----_______---____---___---_
    like hearing a pulsar in very slow motion.

    then i put the ear bud in half way and lower the volume.

    its not so much something that is internal, but a result of the external sounds.
    and its not really a ring, like after a concert, more of a buzz, like a tv static kinda sound.

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    I've had tinnitus most of my life, and it's a nerve problem creating sensations of near constant noises, most like a tuning fork, some like fuzzy/ratty noise. Some situations make it more intense -- overly tired, taking aspirin, etc. My heartbeat has no effect on my tinnitus.

    Your symptoms make me think of a physical problem, perhaps a damaged/ruptured eardrum or middle ear problem, that induces vibrations (natural frequencies of the eardrum etc) caused by the sonic energy entering your ear.

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    see a doctor
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    This trouble seems when some water or some thing that is remain in the ear when you are at the age of 13 please visit to doctor or put some coconut oil in your hear this will give you some benefit.
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