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Thread: what's happening to me?

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    It started sometime before December. I came down with some mild cold symptoms. Then, as soon as I thought I was getting over it, I got the stomach flew for the first week of December. The first night I was puking all night. The next day I was okay (i.e. I could function). Then, on the third day, I started getting stomach cramps and extremely frequent diarhea. The stomach cramps peeked in the middle of the day (they got pretty bad) and then over the next 24 hours or so I slowly started to feel better. For about a week, things started to look better for me until I started coming down with more cold symptoms. They still haven't left. Just yesterday, I started getting mild symptoms of pink eye in one eye. Today, I definitely have it in both eyes, and I'm feeling miserable, like I've just caught the cold virus all over again.

    In my familly, my wife suffered from terrible cold symptoms for about 2 or 3 days in the week before December. She got over it fairly quickly and hasn't suffered from anything since. My daughter (2 years old) has had major cold symptoms for about the past month, and was throwing up around the same time I had the stomach flew. About two weeks ago, it looked like she had pink eye in her right eye. Today, she's getting better but still has a runny nose and a cough.

    So based on this description, what do you think is happening to me (or any of my family members)? It's obviously more than your typical cold virus. It seems to come back repeatedly with a vengence; as soon as I think I'm over it, it comes back and in different forms. Is it one virus that happens to be prone to frequent mutation? Is it several viruses at once? Is it one virus that so happens to manifest different symptoms at different times?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gib65
    So based on this description, what do you think is happening to me (or any of my family members)?
    I believe you are suffering from a very common ailment. It's called, "Asking too many questions about medical problems on an online forum" syndrome. It tends to afflict people more commonly when they live in countries which lack universal healthcare and adequate medical coverage for citizens. It happens more commonly, as alluded to above, when people can't really afford going to see a doctor to ask these questions of a person who could actually run some real tests and perhaps actually do something about the (potential) ailment.

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