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Thread: precipitation problem of compounds in DMSO+water mixture

  1. #1 precipitation problem of compounds in DMSO+water mixture 
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    I am currently doing an in vitro study by using cell lines.

    Before introduce my compound to the cell line, i dissolved my sample in DMSO. It was fully dissolve in DMSO.

    After that, I need to do dilution because the final concentration of DMSO should not exceed !%.

    I tried to do dilution with different types of solution, which include water, media, 10% DMSO/water mixture or even 10% ethanol/water mixture. In all cases, my compound precipitate out.

    Therefore, is there any one that also face this kind of problem and what is the solution for it? Or is there any carrier or substance that can form complex to increase its solubility in water? My compound is in crystal form and hydrophobic in nature.

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