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Thread: Viral anti virus (VAV) the theory of true anti virus

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    First of all I am a dentist and but it is started for me since I worked for Research with head of ONCOLOGY department in my college I loved medical investigation so much and I had many projects idea but I never got fund for my projects and I faced many problems so I just want to share it with people

    My project which called VAV is an idea that may success or not but may it deserve to think about it

    VAV is viral structure that may be able to be synthesized from any virus in the world to destroy it

    Synthesizing VAV is substitution of the genetic part of virus (ex: with restriction enzymes) with preserving the coat and envelop of the virus making it highly specific to the same infected cell type to destroy offending virus.

    Vav may should synthesized with no polymerases and no replication capability

    A review in that link

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