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    Call for Papers
    Invites Research, Review and Popular Articles


    Online STM journals platform

    * STM Journal is meant to facilitate a cost effective access to the quality research findings in the domains of Science, Technology and Medicine through the publication of online quality scholarly journals.
    * It employs Open Journal Systems (OJS) - a journal management and publishing system.
    * Rapid online publication of papers, soon after their formal acceptance/ finalization.
    * Promotional support to papers of specific interest.
    * Online Submission of Manuscripts.
    * Provides an online three tier stringent but smooth peer review process, with a highly acclaimed editorial board.
    * Free online open access to the abstracts of all articles.
    * Facilitates linking with the other authors or professionals.
    * Worldwide circulation and visibility.
    * Free access to authors to the journals (for three months) in which papers are published by them.

    Steps for Online manuscript submission :

    * Register as author in the website.(
    * Read the scope, policies and procedures about the journal of your interest.
    * Manuscripts should cover the areas and topics listed in the focus and scope of the Journal.
    * Prepare your manuscript as per the journal standard and guidelines.
    * Submit your manuscript online to the journal.
    * Sample papers provided for reference.


    STM - Journals, the bouquet: Domain- wise distribution

    Medical and allied areas

    * Research & Reviews: A Journal of Dentistry
    * Research & Reviews: A Journal of Health Professions
    * Research & Reviews: A Journal of Immunology
    * Research & Reviews: A Journal of Medicine
    * Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmaceutical Science
    * Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmacology
    * Research & Reviews: A Journal of Toxicology

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    What is the journals impact factor?

    What does STM stand for?

    Why have you had to resort to advertising on a generic science forum?

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    STM is an umbrella term for science, technology and medicine used to differentiate publishing in those fields from say The New Left Review or social science journals.

    But, ya this is spam for some sort of dubious online publisher.
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