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Thread: An end to AIDS?

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    I just read this article by Robert Matthews claiming that the AIDS epidemic has now peaked, thanks to low-tech education campaigns:

    Sounds like common sense to me. We should be ploughing more money into grass-roots education, not wasting it on developing vaccines that don't work.

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    Although I tend to agree with the article, something must be done with the people who currently have AIDS. A solution that completely cures AIDS is not yet available. However, some vaccines are able to prolong the lives of those who do have AIDS. An added 5 or 10 years could enable the children of an African mother, for example to grow adn be able to take care of themselves moreso than they could if their mother died earlier. I do however think that governments should be investing money into finding a permanent solution for AIDS - but for the time being, clinics and vaccines are the best they can do.

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