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    Whenever I read about the possibility of copying someone's mind as a digital incarnation, it is hailed as an achievement of immortality, but no one mentions that the person who was copied would still die as they normally would have -- the digital copy would be the one who was immortal. The advantage is that everyone else will have a replacement for the person once that happens. From the perspective of the person who was copied, nothing is different. Immortality is not achieved for that individual; it is just an illusion of immortality for the observer. So when I read about these possible breakthroughs, how is this relevant to me? I, and every other original biological human, would die just as always. Is it supposed to be extremely satisfying to me that an iteration of my personality will continue to affect the world after I am gone? This element seems to be overlooked to a baffling extent, so I assume there is something about the process that is not being fully explained. Could someone help me out?

    EDIT: I decided this might be more suited for the "New Hypotheses and Ideas" sub-forum.

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    This made me think of the movie AI where the boy is a robot or machine and wants to have feelings. I agree with what you are saying. I think the idea of continuing in life with a new body doesn't necessarily seem like one is living forever. But if you were replaced by another being that looked just like you and downloaded your brain and your friends and family couldn't tell a difference and neither could the new being, would that be you or not? It's kind of weird and scary to think about. It would make a good movie.

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    In my opinion this almost seems more akin to cloning. Except for the fact that the new digital you will have all your memories. The only way that digital immortality can truly be achieved, would be for not just a copy of the mind to be made digitally, but for the consciousness to be transferred to the digital copy.
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