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Thread: Carcinogen Measurement

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    How does one measure (and hence compare) how carcinogenic a substance is?

    Also could you point me to some material on cigarettes and other carcinogens?

    The thing is some ppl say everything causes cancer so why not smoke, but I presume cigarettes are much more carcinogenic, but I need units or at least a relative comparison.

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    Apparently, when you smoke, you inhale over 4000 chemicals or crap.

    Here's a few of them which i believe are carcinogens and also where you can normally find them.
    1. acetone - used in nail polish
    2. ammonia - bleach used in toilet cleaners
    3. benzene - found in paint stripper
    4. hydrogen cyanide - used in rat poison

    I'm not sure about measuring carcinogenicity though, some onco-experts could answer that! sorry! =p

    But, something to keep in mind is that, it's never too late to quit as it benefits at any age!

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