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Thread: A diet that will remove hair, nails, and weight.

  1. #1 A diet that will remove hair, nails, and weight. 
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    Iím currently daydreaming of a hypothetical liquid Atkins induction product that is vegan-friendly and has all the nutrients of vegetables, fruits, herbs, algae, seaweed, and other plants that are necessary/beneficial for human health. It also contains beneficial and essential microbes [such as probiotics]. All the aforementioned are in amounts optimum for human health.

    This product is completely organic and free of any pesticides, synthetic ethylene and other man-made substances that compromise the heath of plants and their human consumers. In addition, no plants used in the product are genetically-engineered.

    A diet solely of this product is meant for those who want to eliminate the hassle of getting a haircut, shaving, and cutting/filing nails. The only amino acids and fatty acids in this diet are the essential ones and they are small enough in concentration that the consumer [assuming he/she doesnít eat any other food] will notice the following occurring to his/her body:

    1. Hair/nails will stop growing
    2. Hair/nails will fall off
    3. Hair/nails will not re-grow unless and until other foods with sufficient protein are eaten.

    Once again, the above 3 will make life much easier for the consumer [assuming he/she does not eat other food] because there will be no need to shave, cut/file nails, or cut scalp hair. During this mild protein deficiency, the body will respond by ignoring the needs of hairs/nails. Growth/maintenance/re-growth of hair & nails require protein but are not vital for important body function. So when protein is in short supply, the body conserves protein other body parts. Itís a survival strategy developed through evolution.

    This product may be extremely healthy to live off of. However, it will likely taste bad. To make this product consumable, oral equipment is included. This apparatus includes a mouth piece Ė made of health-friendly, eco-friendly material -- that will coat the tongue, teeth, gums, and pretty much the entire mouth of the consumer to protect him/her from perceiving the noxious flavors. The mouth piece is firm enough to maintain its shape yet soft enough to be comfortable to the consumer. The part of the device covering the tongue is especially soft, so that the consumer can feel the presence of the drink in his/her mouth and safely swallow the beverage without it entering the windpipe. This is necessary because the process of peristalsis and the epiglottal protection of the windpipe start from the back of the tongue.

    Prior to the making of this product, all proteins & fats are pre-digested completely, and the following substances are completely removed from the plants:

    1. Any carbohydrate that raises blood sugar. These carbohydrates are bad for induction. Fermentable fibers [such as inulin] are not removed at all as they donít count as net carbs and actually benefit health during induction and otherwise. Simple sugar and digestible starches are completely removed. Non-fermentable fibers [such as cellulose] are also completely removed as they donít offer much benefit other than to add bulk to the stools.
    2. Unhealthy amino acids [such as homocysteine which damages arteries]
    3. Glycerol [which is unnecessary calories and can be produced by the body]
    4. Saturated fatty acids [which contribute to atherosclerosis]
    5. Trans fatty acids [which are far worse for health than saturated fatty acids]
    6. Non-essential fatty acids
    7. Non-essential amino acids

    All plants used in this product Ė excluding tomatoes -- are raw. Tomatoes are boiled to bring out the lycopenes.

    To make the product healthier, bad minerals [such as lead and thallium] are removed. To decrease blood pressure, sodium and chloride are decreased [but not completely removed]. The sodium is decreased as much as can be without leading to symptoms of sodium deficiency. The chloride is decreased as much as possible without causing any serious symptoms of chloride deficiency Ė the consumer should still be able to safely perform tasks taken for granted Ė such as driving or operating machinery. The decrease in chloride will help balance out the acidity caused by ketosis. To help prevent kidney stones during ketosis, extra potassium ions are added to the product. The potassium is also alkaline and will further assist the body in keeping itself non-acidic during ketosis. In addition, the extra potassium is added because the body responds to chlorine deficiency by making the kidney excrete potassium. So more potassium must be consumed to make up for this loss.

    The product has drinking water added to it to make it easier to drink.

    This product is in small health-friendly, eco-friendly bottles. Five bottles per day should be consumed. The bottles are in a package and are of different sizes. The biggest bottle should be consumed in the morning. The smallest should be consumed in the evening. In between, are bottles of different sizes. Earlier in the day, the bigger bottles should be consumed and as the day progresses the smaller bottles should be consumed. This routine follows the saying ďeat breakfast link a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauperĒ Ė except the food is divided into 5 smaller meals instead of 3 bigger meals. This is an extra benefit to diabetes patients who are following Atkinsís induction.

    It is important to understand that this product will initially not satiate itís users. However, once ketosis kicks in, appetite will decrease and consumers will no longer feel the urge to eat.

    To summarize, the plants in the product are chopped to the molecular level. Second, the proteins/fats are pre-digested all the way down to their monomers [amino acids in the case of proteins, fatty acids & glycerol in the case of fats]. Third, the undesirable substances are removed. Finally, good microbes, potassium ions, and drinking water are added.

    There still will be fat in this product, it's just that they will be broken down to fatty acids [and the glycerol portions removed] prior to bottling. Many fatty acids are necessary and/or beneficial for health. They also assist in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

    If this product did exist it would greatly benefit obese patients. I just wish someone would start a company, get the company to make this theoretical product, and sell it to the general public at a reasonable price.

    What would happen to me if I spent a year on a diet using only this product and in the manner I described [5 bottles a day, first bottle biggest, next bottles getting progressively smaller, the last bottle smallest]? Anything unhealthy? I doubt it.

    If only this product existed and was affordable, Iíd have no problem living solely off it.



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