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Thread: Underwater weightlifting

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    What would the pros and cons by lifting weights underwater be? Would it actually make you stronger and train the body better or would there be negative side effects? Will an oxygen tank make breathing technique less effective?

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    Attach an inflated balloon to each weight and it makes the sport much easier!

    Cons : the bends, drowning, wrinkled skin.

    How about upside down underwater soccer instead? Believe it or not, this sport (kind of) exists. Two teams wearing scuba gear enter the water through a hole in the ice at the top of a frozen lake. Their football floats against the ice surface. The football players are weighted so as to be positively buoyant. They have no fins, and 'run' upside down along the underside of the ice, kicking the ball. I believe this game is run in slow motion, and the score is generally very low. The game is over when hypothermia sets in.

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    Depth matters with underwater atmospheric pressures and biological changes.

    Check this out,

    "I’ve always had a theory since i was 12 that weight lifting underwater (atmospheric pressures, unknown factors (x)) Would prime ones body for anabolic reactions! Muscle Growth, increase of ease to maintain homeostasis (Heath)(with the right diet and exercise of course) My first theory was to scuba dive then go weight lifting… Well as i got older, I thought, Why not just Bring the weights Down to the Floor level! Nitrogen uptake would definitely increase with work output, The benefits come from No Swing (these are current observations) 65 lbs there is no way to get above your head swinging to do military presses. The water evenly distributes pressure , biological changes occur in the human body as a response to being deep underwater. Let’s locate what about those changes are beneficial! Look up the word "Phytochemical" – (my favorite) The body produces chemicals in response to lettuce entering the digestive system. the chemicals your body produces are of the great benefit, the lettuce was the stimuli to release that internal hormonal (chemical messenger) reaction On youtube to try and get my idea out there. passion and Dreams. Fitness and life. -amoore "

    If you turn on a garden hose above water, the water drops to the ground. Place a garden hose in a pool and turn in on, the water doesn't go to the bottom of the pool. This is your blood above and below water. Gravity is always pushing your body down.

    The hose still has pressure, in both cases. Yet what are the true differences? for one how pressure is displaced? - can nitrogen build up in the body be beneficial for optimizing muscle growth within the human skeletal muscle tissue.- Any cellular tissue? Base of an amino-acid, Fertilizer. ? the possibilities,x
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