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Thread: Cold Weather equals getting a cold?

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    Why is it that as soon as you come out of the shower it is not recommended to go outside in cold weather because its been well known that doing so will most likely result in you getting sick? I always tried to understand the medical basis behind this claim but I don't see what difference it makes whether your hair is wet when you are outside or dry, and why does being cold is more likely to get you sick then being warm? for example walking in shorts in winter time in comparison to walking in pants?

    thanks in advance!

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    Well it probably isn't a good idea to go out in winter dripping wet because of frost bite and hypothermia.

    The myth of "catching cold" comes from the fact that people notice higher rates of respiratory illness during colder seasons. The higher rate is due to the longer viability of viruses in cold air compared to warm summer air, as well as the increased time spent in confined spaces with other people.

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    Another explanation: Often as illness develops - even before we know we're ill - the body will attempt to develop higher temperature. This is done by changing the "set point" of our thermal regulation (adjusting our thermostat). Subjectively, this feels like being cold.

    So the first conscious symptom may be feeling cold and assuming this an unbiased observation.

    IMO it's actually quite useful information when someone running a temperature insists they feel cold - this means their set point is hotter than their current temperature, and the fever will continue to rise if we let it.
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    Many viruses also survive better in damp conditions, in solution. The cold also helps extend their stability.
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