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Thread: Help with Radio show on Stem Cells

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    Hi guys,

    My name is Jana and I am a science communication student with a first degree in virology and immunology. Me and my fellow students are currently creating a radio show about stem cells, and I was wondering if I could ask your views, opinions, questions or comments on the issue of stem cells, stem cell research and the application of stem cells in medicine, so we can make the show more lively by integrating other people's views.

    As a scientist I am probably a bit biased towards stem cells - and I also learned a lot about them, but I would like to know what do other people know or believe.

    what are stem cells? do you agree with the research? or should it be against the law? do you know what stem cells could potentially do for modern medicine? where do stem cells come from? etc.

    Any comments will be appreciated!

    Thanks guys!

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