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    Are there any scholorships to students who actively spread information, through fliers, lectures, etc, about nutrition? If not, I think a scholorship program, offered only to students of community colleges who practice what they preach about nutrition, would be an economical way to teach about nutrition, compared to TV ads or paying guest lecturers.

    How I see it, although I might see it wrong, diet is largely habitual. When someone comes up to you and says "Why don't you put some veggies on that burger?"
    you might say "Because I don't want to.
    but the bottom line is, "Why don't you want to?"
    "Because I don't like that."
    "Why don't you like that?"
    etc etc

    Chances are there is no real reason, unless you have some aversion to the specific suggestion. Usually it is no aversion to the food itself, but the fact that someone is critiquing your unconscious behaviors, which threatens our homeostasis and sense of individuality, that makes us refuse to listen to what they have to say. We don't even concider the possibility of doing what someone else is suggesting, until we can at least believe it is our idea. This is a good thing, for the most part. The problem is not that people resist suggestions, but that we don't go about trying to educate people in the way that is most effective.

    But there must be studies on the most effective ways to teach people about things they are not interested in, and changing unhealthy behaviors. I'm sure there is a whole branch of psychological education dealing with it.

    Anyway, I think a group of students, who others can ask questions about in the cafeteria, and others can see practicing sound nutrition, would be more effective in helping other's eat right than any amount of lectures. Although lectures and posters are good to let people know, it's ok to care about nutrition, it doesn't make you a pussy.

    In fact, I think the apathetic attitude about nutrition should be addressed equally if not more-so than the health-freak attitude. People need to see that there is a mean between health-freak and health-apathy, that just because your not one doesn't mean you have to be the other and vice versa.There is a lot of cultural pressure to "eat what you want to eat" and for some reason, amongst some sub cultures, this doesn't include eating healthy, even if that's what you want.

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