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Thread: Infrared therapy?

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    X-rays and gamma rays are used to kill cancer cells. How can infrared radiation be used to treat cancer - is it more of a pain relief therapy?

    Thank you

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    In short, it doesnt help.

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    Infrared can be used to heat golden rods. I don't know where to find the study but it was distributed within the last two weeks by ScienceDaily.

    I works something like this.

    There are holes in the capillary walls that allow cells to get to tissues outside of the cardio-vascular system. These holes are larger neer cancer than normal tissues.

    Gold is heated up by infrared light.

    Golden rods too big to fit through the capillary walls neer regular tissues but small enough to fit through the capillary walls in other tissue, collect around cancer playing two rolls. It allows us to detect cancer, and then to kill it by heating the gold with infrared.

    It is still in the experiment stage I assume.
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