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    I recently was shined in the eye and face with a big green laser pointer, by an idiot friend, now I'm worried about whats gonna happen, I feel fine, its just everyone always says how bad these things are, I just don't want to wake up blind/have some growth on my face from these things, does anybody, know the real skinney on how bad they are?

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    You'll be fine. If your idiot friend had one, it was probably extremely low wattage. You might cause damage if you stared for a long time, but usually the flinch response is more than adequate. A laser, as far as your eye is concerned, is really just a bright light.

    You just have to worry if it's a non visible wavelength. Then your eye literally doesn't know what hit it, and allows itself to get fried. This is how your eye gets damaged during solar eclipses. If you stare at the sun on a normal day you won't cause any long term damage because the eye knows how to protect itself by irising close. But during an eclipse most of the energy isn't visible, so the eye doesn't iris enough and gets damaged.

    You also have to worry if it's a high wattage laser. Then your flinch response isn't fast enough to prevent damage. Here's a hint: if the laser is cutting through steel plating, do not shine it in your eyes

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    Yeah, as long as you didn't stare at your friend's laser for a long period of time you have no worries.
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    If you have a genuine medical concern, for goodness sake don't ask for advice on an internet forum. Go to a doctor. Get a professional and accountable opinion. The opinions here are not guaranteed to be either. Hell, they're not even guaranteed to be sane.
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