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Thread: Seeking personal Health Advice? WARNING: READ HERE FIRST

  1. #1 Seeking personal Health Advice? WARNING: READ HERE FIRST 
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    Welcome to Health and Medicine,

    Although we encourage discussion about various aspects of health we must strongly advise you against using this forum as a source of sound medical advice.

    Seeking information from the internet is not an adequate substitute to seeking professional care; self-diagnosis is a dangerous act & can put one's own health at risk. Do not act upon information given on this forum without first consulting your doctor or healthcare provider. We accept no liability for failing to do so.

    Furthermore, advertisements for drugs/healthcare products or links to websites claiming to sell prescription drugs will be promptly removed without warning.

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    I respect doctors (the real ones) yet I believe health to be a path of personal discovery. Of course you are right, we have no proof of our qualification or claims here and we are not able to examine you. Yet, this may be the case for your doctor as well. And also for your own opinion of your condition. Not only is this a disclaimer but also a warning as to the nature of life in general. Don't be a bystander in your health, be involved in it, accept responsibility for it.

    Of course, I'm not a doctor. :wink:

    This is probably not intended as a discussion thread either...

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    I would think it is more a sharing personal experience to create questions we can ask doctors, as to treatment.
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