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Thread: Want to make a project related to medicine & health

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    First of all, I can present my self a bit.

    I'm a Swedish guy, 17 year old, with a big interest for medicine. Was a elite hockey player 15-17 and then I hurt my ankle and was away for 5 months, and this was the end of my hockey career. Now I have other dreams, I want to become a doctor in the future, my 'areas' which I find interesting; orthopedics, cardiology, neurology, clinical physiology and anesthiology. My knowledge in biology and chemistry are pretty limited.

    Biology - the basic, the organelles and their functions, genic technology, ethology and ecology.

    Chemistry - bonds, calculate, organic chemistry.

    Even though I have read some physiology on my own, I also own books in following subjects: anatomy, physiology, brain/nerve system, pharmacology and micro biology.

    So now you have a view of who I am and what my main interests are.

    I have a few subjects that I want do a project, maybe with a little own research in the lab if possible. This is what I want your help to, to figure out what for me is possible to make without going to deep into the subject.

    My 'projects' (haven't started, just planning) are so far:

    Instant death in sports - such as heart diseases if they're hereditary or not.

    Antibiotic resistance
    - how fast it's changing, and what the consequences might be.

    Study sports injuries
    - which is the most common and how common are these kind of injuries?

    All feedback, thoughts and how I can do them for the best result for me and the project itself are welcome. Also other projects I can do to expand my knowledge in the medicine are welcome!

    Kind regards,

    (As mentioned on the top I am a Swedish guy which mean I do not usually speak/write English, so you don't need to correct me, I will let my teacher do it for me )

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    Who wants to know?
    I think that maybe instead of doing a broad study of sport-related injuries, you could focus on one main sport, (say hockey ) and then do your project.

    You could also choose an athlete and do a case study on him/her while also doing a background check. That way you'd be able to fortify your hereditary research.

    I dont think I helped at all, sorry.............

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