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Thread: the chemicals in food

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    what is in the food?

    and white flour is non food
    i ate a store pizza and had the worst of nights

    white flour turns to sugar or worse
    im through with store packaged junk food


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    I personally try not to eat any of it because I feel that there is something inside me that is doing me no good, maybe self consciousness of the harm it could inflict. Or maybe its the food? :?

    "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe". - Carl Sagan
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    I've been putting Chinese yogurt drinks in my son's lunch for years. These little bottles of water, sugar, milk powder, bacteria, preservatives move large volumes through Chinese supermarkets. We buy them because they won't spoil in a warm lunch bag, provide some nutrition (we believe), and they're cheaper than other dairy products (why..?).

    Now it appears addition of melamine to milk powder was an open secret in the Chinese/Taiwanese dairy products industry. Melamine boosts the apparent protein content because protein tests actually test for nitrogen. So it yields cheap, phony milk. Melamine has no nutritional value whatsoever. Digested, it fills the blood with ammonia. Government testers nowhere in the world ever thought to test for melamine. Baby milk formula is getting scandalized first because that's the most sensitive product. Some products contained such high levels of the melamine additive, babies were dying of kidney failure, parents were making the connection and fingering the companies, demanding government step in.

    I've probably been adding significant amounts of melamine to my son's diet.

    I don't know if buying these "yakult" drinks from Japan would be any safer. The milk powder trade is "chaos" as the Chinese government now puts it, and it crosses international boundaries.


    Women in China are now understandably terrified of formula. So we can expect the overwhelming majority of new mothers will be breast feeding. This will have significant cultural and economic impact, as the norm today in China is to leave baby in care of older relative while mother works.
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    Breast feeding has been shown to be much better for the babies health, besides it provides immune protection in the form of maternal IgA, something unreproducible in formula.

    Edit: Also, recent research has even suggested that breast milk plays a huge role in setting up the natural bacterial flora of the intestines, which in turn plays a huge role in the development of our immune tolerance to food and environment. The lack of breastfeeding could be a contributing factor to rising frequency of autoimmune disease in western cultures.
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    Pay attention. She said it's was for her kids school lunch. He's unlikely to be coming home everyday for a lunch at her breast.
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