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Thread: Dangers From Astral Travel

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    Moving into altered reality states is not uncommon and playing games in astral space is not difficult

    1. Prior to falling asleep, focus on hypnagogic images
    2. Push through a tingling "vibration" to enter a dream state
    3. Play the new dream in full control

    Getting back is harder but occurs naturally.

    Is there any harm in this? Could a person get "stuck" in an astral realm?

    Could a person accidentally inflict harm to someone else from experiences in a dream in an astral state?

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    Justify the location of this post in Health & Medicine or I move it to pseudoscience.

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    To the OP,

    There are no documented cases describing any harm whatsoever from the conditions you describe. The main affect of repeated astral travel would seem to be psychological or mental changes in the subject, manifest by such questions as "can I get hurt doing this?"

    Not said entirely in jest, it does seem that astral travel uses a different part of the brain and given the brain's plasticity there may be long term psychological mental effects, see tibetan monks eeg studies in deep meditation.
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