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Thread: Dental care fraud is endemic

  1. #1 Dental care fraud is endemic 
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    Dentists are crooks, it is professional.
    They make living of decay of our teeth, and can not help to increase it.

    Dentists should not be allowed doing that!


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    i see a dentist on a monthly basis for my Braces, my teeth were a mess when the procedure began but now there fine. my parents paid good money and in return my teeth were corrected, in fact they come off soon.

    so the answer is YOUR dentist might be a crook but mine is not, hance not all dentists are crooks.

    what about lawers or doctors, they make a living off injury and pain.
    they often prolong it too, draging you through a painfull court case or operation, but at the end we are usually better off and we pay good money for it.

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    Dental health is a serious matter, gum disease puts you at very high risk of endocarditis.

    Moreover, I don't see how fillings and cleanings are doing nothing at all to delay the decay of your teeth. 200 years ago most people were losing all their teeth around their mid-30s, now most people have some of their teeth in their 60s, and occasionally much later in life. Regular brushing and flossing is of course the most important task.

    Also, you wouldn't be calling a reconstructive dentist a crook if he rebuilt your jaw after a bad accident. Not to mention the work orthodontis (also dentist) do on people's braces.
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