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    My teacher is like the worst teacher on earth he gave me 3 essays and one weather map... I know how to do the essays but I can't finished them in time to do the lab report(Weather map).....Can someone smart do it for me? Please no mean comments.....

    Let me know if you will! :-D

    Pm me and I'l give you the details!Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubbles17
    Can someone smart do it for me?
    That's not how we work here. It's possible to gain a lot of useful information here, but not by asking people to do your homework. Start discussions so people comment out of their own interest. If all else fails you can ask a specific question (not "what's the answer to assignment X" but like "I really don't understand how technique Y works, what's the best way from your experience?").

    And rule #1 from Social Psychology: people love reciprocation. When you offer something, offer something in return or show willingness to do so when an occassion presents itself.

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