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    I was just watching a show about nessy and in it it menchined about a scientist that worked for the british museum and how he went to loch ness to do a proper scientific study in to the lochness monster, now of coures he found nothing but when he retured to work they fired him, because they did not what to be associated with the phrase monter hunter, and when he went to give a speech on sum other subject he was pelted with bread rolls.
    So what are your thoughts about people that go out and look for these cryptozoological creatues or look for things like atlantis. Most scientists will lose all credibility in the scientific community for even thinking some of these things may be real, why would looking of nessy, bigfoot things like that not be considered credible science but the search for life on mars credible, people know that new forms of life are discovered all the time, if I was a scientist and put forward a proposal to go to the amazon to look for a new type of primate they would say yes go we will fund it, but if I said I wish to go look for bigfoot more than likey I'd be fired why.

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    almost every scientific method and theory accepted as common place today was rejected by the masses at some point. surely we are beyond persecuting people for promoting views which are not proven beyond doubt as of yet.

    any scientist who mocks a theory simply because they already have a theory to explain that thing is no true scientist. a true scientist is willing to entertain an idea even if they do not find it necessary, and then make a judgement on which is the superior idea.

    and so the balance of power shifts...
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