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Thread: How do you imagine the perfect science organization?

  1. #1 How do you imagine the perfect science organization? 
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    Im just curious if someone were to approach you and say you have 10 billion dollars to design the greatest science facility to exist, with the only requirements that it not only be sustainable but also must grow after that initial 10 billion and produce useful inventions every now and then.

    A few questions Im most curious about are...
    Where would you put it?
    Would it be focused on one area or cover all areas of science?
    Would it be designed like a university, corporation or other?
    How would you recruit people?
    Autonomous or controlled by a certain government?

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    Autonomous corporation. Spend the 10 billion to make it look like a research facility, but really be the world's most extravagant club. the entire building should convert into a club like a transformer, and back to a research facility once one of the investors visits.

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