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    Ok, usually I have no problem with tests,
    but for some reason the ACT (Wisconsin's SAT) has me a bit nervous,
    I did fine on my practice test,
    I got a 29 and the average is about 19 (shooting for a 30 or better).
    But the actual test is going to take place in a seperate building altogether.
    Any tips on what to do to ease my anxiety?

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    Chill out with friends, watch TV. And don't think about your tests at any other time other than when you should be thinking about them.

    Revise often too, the reintroduction to old learned topics and knowing it will help you in the test will help alleviate any anxieites knowing that you know what you need to know :wink:.

    Chill, revise, chill, revise. Thats all I can really say.

    PS I too am reading Angels and Demons presently .

    EDIT: Spelled 'watch' correctly this time.

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