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Thread: Civilization must have someone who knows better

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    Why doesn’t anyone study thoughts today like physicists study their particles?
    The answer is supremely simple; so simple that there is no ego simple enough to understand it.
    The answer: If we studied thoughts the same way physicists study their particles there would be no physics or anything else to study. This might sound supremely insane but only to the intellects or egos that think (they think) that they are sane.
    The study of thoughts in meditation tells the student that the same thoughts the mind works with in its sleep dreams are the exact same thoughts it works with when it thinks it wakes up in the morning for its life, maya.
    The joke of modern civilizations: even though the thoughts of our dreams are the exact same thoughts that make up our “life” we cannot accept that they must all be the same: dreams, or, at best, dreams inside of dreams.
    If this is too simple to understand then let us turn to physics that tells us the EXACT same story.
    In physics we learn that although molecules appear to be totally different from the atoms that make them up the differences are pure illusion because the atoms in molecules are EXACTLY the same as the ones that are not in molecules.

    If a physicist would claim that since atoms are totally different from molecules then atoms have to be unreal and molecules real he would be considered insane by his academic cohorts. AND yet for over 5000 years even the greatest intellects of civilizations have been doing just that. They have been claiming that our sleep-dreams are unreal compared to life – EVEN THOUGHT THE THOUGHTS OF OUR SLEEP-DREAMS AND “LIFE” are EXACTLY THE SAME.

    Most anyone can study thoughts. When the mind slows down in meditation even a relative fool, like me, can figure out what is supremely obvious:
    1: thoughts cannot be controlled
    2: thoughts cannot be observed (the mind is the thought – so it can never “observe” a thought that it is. IN other words, “observing” is just a thought, the mind)
    3: there is an utter-VOID between thoughts. (This is the same utter-VOID between physics’ quantum-levels.)
    4: The mind is not what it thinks but what it thinks it thinks. (thinking is just a thought)
    5: The mind ALWAYS thinks it is AWAKE. ( A “lucid-dream” is just a dream inside of a dream. And a sleep-dream is just a dream inside, or outside, another dream we call life.)

    And for over 5000 years even the greatest intellects of civilizations have been thinking that they were/are awake when OBVIOUSLY they had to be dreaming that they were/are awake.

    And if all this is utter rot then which genius can prove that there is a duality so that the thoughts that make the mind think it is awake when it is sleep-dreaming are totally different from the thoughts the mind needs to think it woke up in the morning.

    -- just thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by genep
    Why doesn’t anyone study thoughts today like physicists study their particles?
    Thoughts cannot be empirically measured with quantitative or qualitative precision. We can only gather data from others by asking what their thoughts are and assuming that they are being genuine as well as accurate.

    Moreover, human thoughts are nearly always subject to forces such as confirmation biases and magical thinking, which influences the cognative perspective of the thinker.

    Once science reaches the point that it can more accurately measure thoughts -and it appears to be approaching this point- then thoughts may then have observers in the same way an electron is measured or observed. Neuroscience is making strides toward this every year and correlations are being made to thoughts and observable patterns in advanced resonance imaging even today.

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    does a thought result in a pattern or vice versa?
    is the dichotomy valid
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