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    is there any introduction-manual concerning the scientific method or the methodology of the science ?

    when one faces some problem, but does not have the immediate solution, where one should start ?

    thank you.

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    Wikipedia is always an excellent resource to begin searching for such answers as this:

    As is

    And (although in this case it really didn't give anything. There are web results at the bottom of the page though.)
    (Hmm. It doesn't save the search terms in the address. Well. Like I said. There really wasn't anything there anyway.)

    Which brings us to the last method of learning about such things.

    However, these are all sorta random and some might be better than others. So maybe someone will come along with specific and recommended links for you.


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    hi monk ,

    a scientific approach for problem solving:

    1-State the problem clearly.
    2-State a hypothesis clearly.
    3-Devise one or more predictions and state them clearly.
    4-Make observations to acquire data relevant to the predictions; organize or 'play' with the data.
    5-Evaluate the prediction in terms of the observations: draw conclusions as to how well the predictions are fulfilled.
    6-Evaluate the hypothesis: i.e., draw a conclusion as to how strongly the hypothesis is supported or negated.
    7-Repeat steps 2-6 for competing hypotheses. (Competing hypotheses may include revisions of the original hypothesis suggested by the results of the testing process.)
    8-Compare hypotheses: come to a conclusion as to which hypotheses are the strongest and the likelihood of their being true.

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    Here's an interesting thread within this very forum in addition to the great links already provided:
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