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Thread: A Really Good Idea

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    I was just looking at those who were on the forum right now (12:30pm GMT 00:00) and thought, what if we had a chat area in this forum? That way instead of replies we could have converstations. This would allow everyone to make their point and not just hit and run. It would also place people with an obligation to express their ideas quicker and to more people, I'm sure this is a good idea.

    There could be a chat box at the bottom of every topic and one master one at the front end of this site. Anyone else thinks this is a good idea? I thought the heat of the moment thing would spice things up a litte-like a science gathering, or a lecture room etc.

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    If this were to happen I couldn't ponder my word choices for half an hour per word and have much of a chance coming off sounding reasonable intellegent. I might have to go with l337 speak.

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    i think there is a chat function

    middle-right top of the screen.

    but i never tryed it, nor do i know if it works

    EDIT : also, be a good idea to place this topic in the suggestions section?
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