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Thread: A freaking candle?

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    I have no where else to say this so I hope it's alright. But for the first time I was extremely close to a huge rant on a forum that I happen to help moderate. Needless to say it wouldn't have been good if I blew up over it there.

    These guys victimize children, and someone comes up with lighting a candle to solve the problem? I'll light that candle for what ever use it will serve, but that kind of illogical use of a beating heart is why the victimizers win!

    Is there an actual job description for douche bag? Because if there is and Bush doesn't already possess it than the guy or chick forwarding this project has it for sure!

    This is worse than the lady who set up an organization to go into New Orleans to save animals when there were still people to be helped!

    Is tax money going into this? Because if there is, my vote is that we fire everyone on the candle project and hire pyros to leave bags of flaming dog crap on all the people's houses that are listed as child offenders so that these guys with a twinkle in their eye for children get the message that we aren't going to let it slide any longer! Is the flaming crap bag over done? Yes! But at least its not a candle!

    Maybe we can make it an annual thing sort of like the new holiday Steak & a Blow Job day, but obviously it won't be nearly as enjoyable.

    Thank you good sirs and m'ladies for listening to this rant that is justifiably some solid bitching. I feel a little better now, though still worse for the next generation of mankind...

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    I guess praying didn't work.

    I didn't enter the site but I did notice the little blurb was only concerned with the commercial viability of kiddie porn. In other words make it tougher to buy. That should really make the perverts want to give up on private enterprise and it won't keep the kindergarten kreeps away from the children.

    They should have a lightapervonfire website.

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