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    Apparently, there is a problem in Germany with exploding toads. That's right exploding toads. These toads come out of the water and swell up several times their normal size and explode, spewing entrails up to a meter in distance.

    The causes are unknown, but there is apparently a theory involving crows. The theory goes that the crows peck out the toads liver and fly away. The toads then swell up in a defensive move. And because their body cavity has already been compromised as it has, they simply explode.

    I searched for "Pond of Death" (which is what the locale has come to be known as) for links (I originally read this in the May 6th issue of Science) and am unsure if the crow theory has been proven or if it's still conjecture.

    Weird though.

    Here's a site that claims the mystery has been solved and the crows are the answer:

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    Ha Ha, ok this is funny.

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    Now, there seems to be missing the witnesses that see crows pecking out frog livers to prove or disprove this story. If crows are doing this, then there should be some proof other than someone in a lab saying it is so.
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