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    This is just too funny. It's a pity the author didn't take it further, but the concept is friggin hilarious.

    Aslan Shrugged.

    An excerpt:
    This is a story of makers and builders, of children who even as children set their mark upon the world. This is a story to show the dear niece of our colleague C.S. Lewis that the only magical cordial she needs is a devotion to modern industrial medical practice. It is a story, first and foremost, of how not even the foulest witchery can stand before the pure exercise of reason; and we dedicate it, says Mrs. Schiff, regarding the notes for the next three days of performances, and hoping that the readers will understand that this is literal and the author's note is not the entire performance, to the spirit of our dear departed colleague Erwin Schrodinger, whom we suspect to be dead but whose actual state we have elected not to investigate.
    From the comments:

    <BLOCKQUOTE>"You got your Narnia in my Objectivism!"
    "You got your Objectivism on my Narnia!"</BLOCKQUOTE>

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