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    Hi all Capt Gary here in FL working with Rodin coils. I have wound a rodin coil circuit 12 point around two 850 turn coils the rodin winding is 26ga 24 turns around the 12 points

    I pulse the rodin coil with 12vdc pulses
    the two 850 turn coils yield thru a bridge rect to HV Cap greater than 9KV.

    I tried to discharge the caps by shorting them with a HV wire no matter how close I got the connections to the caps contact point no arc until I finally touched the caps post then a white flash happened at both ends of the HV shorting wire,

    The digital meter reads the 9kv but the analog meter reads zero tell me that for some reason the rodin windings are suppressing the flow of charge to the caps

    what's also interesting is the HV level in the caps 9kv to 11kv max from the 24 turns and 12vdc pulses

    what are your thoughts how do I convert the potential in the caps back to useable energy?


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