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Thread: the geometry and astronomy of the Giza pyramids

  1. #1 the geometry and astronomy of the Giza pyramids 
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    I have published a website -

    This site examines the geometrical design of the Giza pyramids, summarizing the findings of a number of authors, as well as describing the latest astronomical findings. I have approached Egyptologists but with little response so far (they tend to view new pyramid hypotheses as just more fringe science). I hope that by publishing on a general scientific forum I might obtain a less biased response, and perhaps useful feedback. (If on the other hand I have made serious mistakes I shall retire back to my burrow)


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    Link would be helpful. Also short summary here.

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    If you have something to say then say it here.
    I've removed the "link" from your post.
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    Is this a reference to the Giza pyramids being a ground map of Orion's belt?
    If it is then they are the wrong way around.
    Can't accept sort of.
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