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Thread: My thoughts and certain information about the world

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    My thoughts about everything they can be incoherent in some places. I apologize for my literacy.

    If our universe is infinite and infinitely cognizable.

    We will eternally, with the help of our minds, learn new laws of the universe (the highest human need lies in creation and self-improvement, if we take into account Maslow's pyramid of needs) and from time to time, enjoy the things we knew earlier (so to speak).

    If our universe is fully cognizable and we can understand that our full knowledge of it has been achieved.

    Then, with the help of our mind, we will achieve a state in which we will receive unlimited pleasure from the things we have previously known (not from all, only from those that will bring us pleasure).

    Perhaps, if we take the theory of alternative (parallel) worlds, then each person (perhaps by that time a person will cease to be a person and become one step higher in evolution (posthuman)) will get his own universe, but will be reduced to one of the two algorithms I have listed above.

    But here is the problem of the existence of life if the universe is finite. We need to think about this, probably.

    Briefly about the laws, all scientific discoveries, discoveries by great people, this is just an observation of the behavior of the universe and in the course of using them, their mind and thinking, the establishment of any new connections between the elements of the universe.

    After all, you must admit that everything we are doing at the moment is adaptation to the environment, subsequently the search for certain connections, patterns that will contribute to the improvement of our life and the satisfaction of certain of our needs.

    For those who believe in God. God = Absolute = Everything = Creation

    God attributes = omnipotent, omnipresent, transcendental.

    Omnipresent = existence is everywhere, and therefore you are a part of God, since he also exists in you.

    Transcendence refers to the idea that the divine lies beyond humanity and the world.

    If we perceive absolutely everything under the world, then transcendence is a logical error and nothing more.

    About good, good, evil and suffering.

    Evil and suffering are evil and suffering in relation to your understanding of good and good, in the global plan of good and evil, such does not exist.

    About death (my assumptions).

    You will disintegrate into lower, in relation to you, components of the absolute (the universe), but ask yourself if you will have any needs or will you perform any functions (since life is an open system with functions) after that decay?

    Think about the variety of needs and functions of animals, bacteria, plants, and a stone.

    At the moment, human life is ahead of all life forms discovered by it, in terms of diversity.

    Satisfying a need is a function.

    Perhaps you will disintegrate and become a component of the absolute (universe) that will perform fewer functions than a component called a person. But the question is, how many times will you have to die in order to achieve not fulfilling any function?

    Perhaps if you do not perform these functions of the absolute, then you will have a transition to the state that performs a smaller number of functions.

    And since we have been given a choice, to perform certain functions, we can choose for ourselves, go to another state (where we will perform a smaller number of functions) or continue to perform them and it is possible to evolve in terms of a variety of functions, but if we perform only a limited range of functions that are given to us from the universe, then we will still have to wait for a transition to a lower level.

    We need to think about it sometime.

    Also who believe in nirvana.

    Nirvana is the end of suffering, liberation from a certain life, but think about it.

    The end cannot exist without a beginning.

    For the existence of liberation from something, one must have an understanding of what this liberation is needed from.

    to have understanding you need to exist, therefore after death you will exist again, but not the fact that you will be capable of understanding.

    In my understanding of nirvana after death does not exist, but only what I wrote above about death. That is, the transition from one system with certain functions to another.

    There are stories of those who experienced clinical death and allegedly saw God or themselves from the outside, then study the research why they saw this.

    Is it possible to see God, if you are a part of God, then in order to fully see God, you need to stop being a part of God, God is everything and therefore you are a part of God, hence the conclusion that you cannot fully see God.

    Addition: Nirvana is a fictitious end, an invented beginning (suffering).

    If one perceives physical pain under suffering, then the "ends" of this pain have already been worked out.

    If one perceives mental pain under suffering, then "ends" for this pain have already been developed. Not everything, but science tends to develop.

    If death is perceived as the end of a certain life, then it was determined only after we have determined the beginning for this end, that is, we have determined for ourselves a certain life, and both are in reality.

    So nirvana is just an invented end for an invented beginning not fixed in reality, since suffering can be understood as a multitude of concepts already fixed in reality, for a certain number of which possible "ends" have already been found in reality.

    If we talk about feelings or emotions, then this is only the proportion of certain substances in the body, we can cause the release of certain substances in a certain proportion during interaction with reality. Or vice versa, when our contact with reality is uncontrolled, it can cause a release of substances (in most cases, this is what happens). This is my opinion.

    You can ask yourself if you can see the whole system, being part of this system.

    Perhaps there are people among you who are supporters of a philosophical position called Solipsism.

    Briefly about solipsism is a philosophical position characterized by the recognition of one's own individual consciousness as the only and undoubted reality and the denial of the objective reality of the surrounding world. ( The matrix )

    Then think about the following.

    If you are in a state of mind control (you can raise your hand, you can motivate yourself to take any action, predict and regulate your feelings as a response to external stimuli), then why are you not able to make reality at the behest of your will, what you want to see it (for example, walking on water barefoot), therefore, reality is not subject to your consciousness, but to other laws, and you are just a biological machine with a limited set of tools for the perception of the universe.

    Most likely, solipsists will say that there are unconscious processes, but they are, and we realized that we have unconscious processes, but we did not realize control over these processes, therefore they are considered unconscious, which do not have control from our consciousness. But x2 They are at the same level in the hierarchy as the conscious processes, which means they are the same in terms of privileges, and when we are in a state of control of our consciousness, unconscious processes cannot declare themselves from the outside, but they can arise when we are in a different state, the state which our consciousness does not control, such as sleep and dreaming, the process of creating dreams and control over this process, we are not fully aware of.

    One question remains.

    To live achieving creation and releasing your creativity while at the same time satisfying the lower needs from time to time (of course, relative to your understanding of the higher needs)? Hmm. It turns out like this.

    If you disagree with something, then you can enter into a discussion with me.

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    A little information:

    You can read about global human problems here.

    wikipedia search -> Global issue

    About finiteness, infinity and other problems associated with physics, here.

    wikipedia search -> List of unsolved problems in physics

    You can read about what science has achieved at the moment here.

    wikipedia search -> Theory_of_everything

    Speaking of God, is it possible for a creature to exist that can calculate the universe. This is a reference to the thought experiment of Laplace's Demon, if you've heard of it.

    wikipedia search - > Laplace Demon

    You can also read about the meaning of life here.

    wikipedia search -> Meaning of life

    Maslow's pyramid of needs

    wikipedia search -> Maslow hierarchy of needs

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