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Thread: How can scientific knowledge help someone in his daily life ?

  1. #1 How can scientific knowledge help someone in his daily life ? 
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    Hi everyone,

    Don't get me wrong, I know that science is very important and that it helps us a lot in our life, but my question is how Scientific Knowledge can help to the average man who is not a scientist? For example a simple worker in a factory, or a cashier in the supermarket, why should they learn biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, cosmology and other scientific fields? What practical use do they have with this knowledge at home? Or at work? Why do they need it?

    (I'm talking about popular science level knowledge)

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    Just a few ideas.....
    -to break what can be a rather dull only becomes more fun as one learns more and more.
    -an interest bridge to 2nd and 3rd careers--the world of doing the same for our long lives is largely a thing of the past
    -even in relatively "blue collar" jobs there's often an avenue to advancement through knowing more science--I was a research meteorologist, used it off and on through my military career and now in my late 50s on my 3rd career as a firefighter/EMT where physics (for structure fires)/meteorology (for willdland fires)/ and biology classes I took are tremendously useful as I built skills as a leader of first responders-- you'll be surprised where things might lead you.
    -to become an more educated voter able to discern BS such as all the climate denial information that exist on YouTube in among some politicians but doesn't exist in the science because there's no better hypothesis across multiple fields.
    -often a bit of knowledge allows valuable contributions to environmental sciences through amateur programs such as bird counts, weather stations comet hunting etc,

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    Check out the Darwin Awards and you’ll find plenty of instances where a little bit of scientific knowledge could have changed an outcome. Simple things like some drugs impair judgement, when heavier than air objects go up then good chance they come down, some gases are combustible, some materials conduct electricity very well, live ordnance explodes when hit by a hammer, there’s places where you’re not number one predator, not good to expose human body to frigid temperatures for extended period of time, and so on
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