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    .....Quantificational expression is not just secondary because of some describable subjectivity, but that quantification is only demonstrant through the observer's existence therefore, what we experience is of an inherent inversality.
    This means that experienced realism is of a representative infinite-supposition, that makes the content of quantification and the observer synonymous aspects, a supra-presuppositional context, thus representing a type of equality between the two that quantificationing betrays, thus any description of an observer, that is in any way separated from the wholeness of reality, is incomplete, much like stating that 5 = 3 when the whole is represented as 5 -2= 3.
    Also, the supra-presuppostionality is infinitely recursive, and thus, due to the fact that the observer is making the judgement, any judgement of equality, of supra-presupposition, is recursive as well.

    Here is the logical premise for the hypothesis statement:
    what exactly would be the foundation for a representative beingness that is itself reality, or in a comparative sense, not reality, when reality, perforce, is the comprehensive totalness? Reality must logically be a preliteralism that inherently prenegates the effect of quantitative beingness, or you could say "given composition," unintentious to the certainty of, and the fact of that state: we are talking about the nonconditional pro-proximation of potential quantitative factotum.
    No condition, state, or compositional ethos representing reality can be ultimately objective.
    Structure, the very basic spatiotemporal unity of elements, is not ultimately objective for the fact that both order and inorder demand for logicality, a precursor intent enacting the realistic designation of symmetric implication. We don't have that in physics, which is the school we presently use to describe the "physical reality condition"
    a rational ultimate realism must not have a characteristic condition.
    The reality proposes in compositive logic is a preunassociation of realistic logical or illogical literal composite program, therefore no order, or fact or infactitude of order, or premise is actually possible, at least within the limitations of physical context.
    Reality must be a supra-symmetrical approximation without the necessity of a precedent condition, or a condition consequent.
    Reality having condition, like how for us now reality is a physical one, offers characteristic demands that there is a context of plausibility for a literal programme directive that is specifically a given pattern of composition, and not in fact an ultimate pattern.

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