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Thread: Come back forum, come back :(

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    ...matter and pixie dust
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    I'm noticing that the most recently updated posts, are mainly a few months out. This makes me sad but there's no reason we can't revive this forum. Let's not ignore it any further. I remember when it was soooo active, I would be at work, and check back after a few hours, and the thread topics would be flying. All good things may come to an end, but I hope this forum doesn't.

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    There were long periods when there were glitches in handling of posts. I suppose many people were turned off.

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    ...matter and pixie dust
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    I remember earlier this year, that being an issue but I thought it was fixed. It seems to have struck again when Covid intensified. (judging by the most recent post dates) Hmm.
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    Yes ,this latest downturn seems to have no connection with the extended outages we have had here over the years.

    I was also wondering if Covid might have put a damper on participation but I have more of a feeling that a steady decline may have finally led to a tipping point where the lack of interest has fed upon itself so that the forum is dead to all intents and purposes.

    I wonder too (have not bothered to check) whether it may have fallen in the Google rankings so that those who are looking for a science forum just no longer find it.

    Any forum needs new blood to prosper ,I would have thought and if that is not forthcoming then that is surely a bad sign.

    On the plus side ,I was surprised to see Flick Montana drop in a few days ago.

    He was a regular contributer up to a year or so ago....
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