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    How bad is it in your area?
    No bananas here and a bit like this:

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    Hey...I went out and picked up a couple pizzas @ 4:00 pm yesterday. It's take out only in Ontario. 2 medium 8 slice with two toppings for only $15.99, can't make it that cheap. I walked over to the convenience store next door to buy some milk and was lucky to get 1 of the last two bags (we have bagged milk in Ontario). Store clerk said head office has instructed staff to wipe down shelves, counter, etc every hour. We have plenty of asswipe, bought before all this came down. But for most part I hear grocery store shelves are looking pretty bare. My wife out right now to pick up few things, I wonder if she comes back empty handed. Comforting to know that in extremis I'll be able to buy pizza at a reasonable price. I could survive on that

    Another is golf courses. What is going to happen as the season gets near and the lockdowns continue? I've already paid for my membership. Going to be a tough year for some businesses.

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    Last night my dad and I went to a Hy-Vee and picked up items from a long list of groceries that I made.
    From my observations, it's a mix. Some items have been completely cleared, and other items are still available like nothing's happened. Let me run through them by bullet-points:
    - There was absolutely no bread (we didn't need any anyway).
    - There were plenty of green apples, carrots, onions, and broccoli.
    - No toilet paper and exactly one bag of paper towels when we looked.
    - Only two boxes of frozen spinach left (we bought one). I was not expecting this item to be hard to find.
    - Plenty of shrimp.
    - Very little pizza sauce, we did find some and got two cans.
    - Almost no frozen pizza.
    - Lots of bananas, strawberries, mini-oranges, and blueberries.
    - Plenty of cashews.
    - Plenty of bags of chips (surprised me) and jars of cheese dip.

    Hearing people saying there are no bananas really surprises me. Those aren't a particularly popular food at any time and they don't last very long.
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    We have been in lockdown for several weeks. No signs of panic buying and no shortages (apart from hand sanitizer - but that may have been diverted to people who really need it).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strange View Post
    We have been in lockdown for several weeks. No signs of panic buying and no shortages (apart from hand sanitizer - but that may have been diverted to people who really need it).
    There was a wave of panic buying here (mainly bottled water for some strange reason) but that has subsided.
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