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Thread: The arrogance of scientists...

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    I have recently been involved in a discussion where I was called "arrogant" for rubbishing a claim that was nonsense. The "arrogant scientist" is a meme often pushed by proponents of woo... I ask the question: who is more arrogant, someone who has put in the years of study and knows what they are talking about, or an ignorant nutjob who wants to ditch the last 300 years of experimental science because it doesn't agree with what they want to be true?

    Answers on a post card to "why are people fuckwits"...

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    I doubt if you are looking for an answer. Venting is good, but somewhat pointless.

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    But phdemon does bring up a good topic, how do thing get vhanged to this situation stops? The continual "science is false" meme in the media really has destroyed the public opinion of all researchers and its leading to removal of much of the protections and mesures designed to keep humanity alive.
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