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Thread: Looking For Contributors For My Science Blog(Volunteer)

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    Hi there.

    My name is Dev and I am from India and I just absolutely love science. I am a 12th grade high student who is studying science right now and is aiming for a career in becoming a biochemist. I just love science and over the years my interest has grown over the top so much that I just can't live without it. So, due to this reason I run a blog and this blog I post various scientific topics in different categories.

    I am looking for someone who likes writing just like me and just absolutely loves science and wants to express their interest by writing and explaining your scientific research. My blog is growing everyday and is gaining traffic, in a year my blog will start doing good and your posts will get known by various people. I am not looking for someone very professional, just someone who is decent and has interest in science.

    Just pm me in this forum since I can't add a link for some reason or reply below

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