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    Hi, I am currently studying biology and as part of my internal assessment for my international baccalaureate. I have hypothyroidism and have decided on testing the amount of iodine in foods and the effect iodine has on the thyroid. However I am having trouble in finding a method of finding how to finding out the levels of iodine in food products.

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    Off the top of my head but here goes...

    Grind up the food and add ethanol, ethanol will dissolve molecular iodine and most inorganic iodine salts. Add a small amount of sodium hydroxide solution, this will hydrolyse any organic iodine compounds and give iodide ions which will be dissolved in the solution. Filter off the solid residue. To the filtrate add excess silver nitrate solution. This will cause the iodide ions from the iodine in the food to precipitate out as silver iodide. Filter, dry and weigh the silver iodide precipitate. From the mass of the silver iodide you can calculate the mass of iodine present in your original sample.

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