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Thread: Dental crown toxicity question (e.max vs Zirconia)

  1. #1 Dental crown toxicity question (e.max vs Zirconia) 
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    Iím having to replace my monolithic Zirconia crown (on molar) due to bad craftsmanship and ill fitting tooth preparation. I experienced bleeding in the gums during the year the crown was on. But I am unsure if that was due to poor fitting or allergic reaction. Otherwise, the Zirconia material itself did not seem to cause systemic harm.

    My dentist recommended to place a monolithic e.max crown (lithium disilicate) instead. But I am worried about cytotoxicity and possible adverse effects.

    Has anyone here experienced harsh side effects from Lithium Disilicate crowns, or knows someone who has?
    And which would you recommend between the two - lithium D. or Zirconia.


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    try above.

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