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    I haveformulated a new theory which unites Dark Energy with Gravity. Here it is:
    IsaacNewton said that ‘Every force has its equal opposite force.’ Therefore, theremust be an equal opposite force to gravity. This reasoning leads the author toconclude that the centripetal force of gravity has its equal centrifugal forcethroughout the universe.
    Therefore,I propose that this centrifugal force is the force that pushes all matteroutwards and is the reason why the universe is expanding = Dark Energy. Ibelieve that the two entities of Gravity and Dark Energy are related. Adescription of both concepts follows:
    DarkEnergy – The main constituent part of Dark Energy is anti-matter i.e.anti-particles. These anti-particles will be mostly of the same negative charge(probably mostly consisting of anti-protons), therefore, they repel each other.Therefore, the Universe is expanding due to this phenomenon = Dark Energy.
    Gravity –Gravity is an attractive cohesive force, therefore, this author proposes thatthese negatively charged anti-particles are united with their relativepositively charged particles e.g. anti-protons will be united with protons.Their opposite charge means that they are attracted to each other.
    We knowthat through Einstein’s famous E=mc2 equation that there isenergy-mass equivalence. Therefore, this will affect the above phenomenon.
    When aparticle meets its antiparticle then annihilation occurs – releasing the amountof energy needed to produce the two masses in the first place. Therefore, whenthe particle meets its antiparticle then this annihilation consists of producinga pair of photons (electromagnetism).
    However,this electromagnetism produced bears a strong correlation with gravity itself,because gravity as well as electromagnetism are inversely proportional.Crucially, however, is the fact that their strength both work by an InverseSquare Law i.e. their strength is inversely proportional to the square of theirdistance. Therefore, electromagnetism and gravity can be seen to bemathematically similar and work by the same principles.
    Therefore,this author concludes that gravity will bear a strong correlation to theelectromagnetism produced and that they will both be subject to each other.
    Pleaseforward your responses and ideas.

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