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Thread: Expansion of the Universe - Actual and Apparent and why photons travel at light speed

  1. #1 Expansion of the Universe - Actual and Apparent and why photons travel at light speed 
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    I have been using my relativity program i made in 1997 and have some ideas, massless particles travel along with the actual speed of the
    expansion of the universe close to C, , , , the apparent rate of the expanding universe is 44.7387 mile per second per mega parsec,
    which works out at an actual speed of 99.999999 C

    here is a screen shot of my program, , , Note the actual speed of .99999997, or 186243 MPS and the apparent speed at the
    bottom of 64.30355 MPS


    My twist on Einstein's formula shows 1) how massless particles like photons can travel at light speed
    2) That the apparent expansion of the universe is speeding up because the actual speed is slowing down

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    By your reasoning I 'assume' you are hinting that time itself is changing?
    I don't disagree that that is possible, but to get anyone to try to view in that way will be very difficult.
    Good Luck
    P.S. I realize that I should not 'assume' anything.

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