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Thread: Co;pression of air in closed tank

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    Hello, Here's my problem:
    I have a firm steel rectangle.
    dimensions :
    Length: 530mm
    Height: 610mm
    Width: 15mm
    This one is filled with oil up to 550 mm high. The rest of the volume is occupied by air. All this under normal pressure and temperature conditions.
    Now I put this steel rectangle on a heating device that will heat the oil up to 85C. Taking into consideration the thermal expansion of the oil, its volume will increase by 'x' m3 due to the increase in temperature (the thermal expansion of the steel will be neglected).
    My question is this:
    The new volume of oil will affect the air pressure as it will be compressed. What will be the value of this air pressure?
    I found the volume expansion of oil but not sure if it is correct. Could anyone enlighten me on this please?
    Thank you for your feedback,

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    You can figure this out using the ideal gas law.

    where p is the pressure of the gas (in pascals), V is the volume in m3, T is the temperature in Kelvin, n is the number of moles of gas and R is the gas constant.

    As you have a closed system, n and R are constant, so we can say:

    where p1 is the air pressure before heating, V1 is the volume the air occupies before heating and T1 is the temperature before heating.
    p2 is the air pressure after heating, V2 is the volume the air occupies after heating and T2 is the temperature after heating...

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