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    Just curious...watched the NASA Mars lander InSight successfully touch down. Do the spacecrafts that are left behind on other celestial bodies remain the property of their original owners? In the future, when space travel becomes commonplace, I would think the space pioneer crafts would be worth more because of their historical significance than whatever the price of scrap is at the time. Are there any treaties or agreements between countries to honour rightful ownership or would existing international salvage laws prevail? Found this:

    Would it fall under Maritime Law:
    there is no law of salvage in outer space similar to the law of salvage under maritime law, it is technically illegal for one country to remove another country's debris without permission.

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    Aliens might pinch them as souvenirs and there could be false claims of ownership from the "hoaxing" Chinese for compensation.

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    In the future we may need to clean up space debris in orbit to make room and ensure safety for future satellites an space habitation.
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