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Thread: Applicable solvent's choice with polarity

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    Good day to you all.
    My name is Benjamin Repsold (B.Pharm, M.Sc, Ph.D Medicinal Chemistry)

    Can you please advice me on the choice of the following solvents near the mentioned range

    But there is a catch - the solvent must not contain a functional group (e.g. halogen, hydroxy, amine)
    This is pivotal - or else a compound will be created in sito.

    Solvent(s) polarity 0.5 ?
    polarity 1 ?
    Solvent(s) polarity 1.5 ?
    polarity 2 ?

    I thank you for your advice and help
    Best Regards

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    I think you'll have trouble finding pure solvents that do the job, you will have to use a mixture.

    I suggest using toluene (polarity index 2.4) and cyclohexane (polarity index 0.2), if you mix these in the correct proportions using a simple mixing rule to calculate the polarity you should be able to get all the different polarities you need.

    For example: 13.6% toluene 84.4% cyclohexane will give an average polarity of the solvent of 0.5.

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