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Thread: Is the resistance to pull out a bud from a tree branch a force?

  1. #1 Is the resistance to pull out a bud from a tree branch a force? 
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    When I try to remove a bud from a tree branch, I feel a small "resistance" when I pull the bud to remove it.

    That small "resistance" is due to the fact that the bud has grown from the branch, so it is "attached" biologically to the branch.

    But on a physics point of view, is that resistance, when I pull the bud to remove it, a physical force ? If so, in what kind of category of forces is it part of?


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    It's not a force. You're physically breaking the cells that hold the bud to the branch. Think of a Wookie pulling your arms out of their sockets after losing a game of dejarik.

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    You are feeling the resistance due to the molecular bonds between the molecules, which are essentially electromagnetic in nature. It has nothing to do with the bud and tree being biological. It really is no different than when you stretch a rubber band until is breaks. The difference is that the bonds between bud and tree are not as strong, nor can they stretch as much before breaking.
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