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Thread: Mars in opposition 27 July 2018

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    On a NASA Space info website I read that Mars is in opposition on July 27, 2018 and that the last time this was so, was in 2003.
    This made me think, as this summer - in Europe, where I am - has been an exceedingly warm and dry one, and not your average summer for this temperate climate. We had a very similar summer in 2003: warm and dry, with predominantly Eastern winds. The norm is Westerly winds in Western Europe.

    Does anyone know, or is anyone doing research into the influence of the planets on the weather patterns here on Earth?
    i am not a scientist, but very interested nevertheless on celestial bodies influencing our weather and have found previous correlations with respect to solar activity and jet stream fluctuations - although none that I have noted as I'm a crass amateur :-)
    if anyone knows more and can help me with the Mars opposition versus hot/dry climate in Western Europe phenomenon, I would be very pleased to hear from you!
    thank you for reading and replying!
    caroline, The Netherlands

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    Any effect would be negligible even at closest approach Mars is about 55 million km away...

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    MArs and Earth are in opposition every 2+ yrs. It is just that for this opposition and the one in 2003 they occur when Earth and Mars are at the points when the distance between the orbits is the least (Mars has a fairly eccentric orbit). At other oppositions, Earth and Mars would be slightly further apart. But even at their closest, they are just too far apart to have any significant influence on each other. And two coincidences do not a pattern make.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tessdurbeville View Post
    Does anyone know, or is anyone doing research into the influence of the planets on the weather patterns here on Earth?
    The Moon causes tides.

    Other solar bodies are too far away (as PhDemon mentioned) to have any effect, despite what astrologists believe. If you look at a scale drawing of the solar system the planets are really floating in a vast void.
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